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The Fundamental Perfection programs mission is to give Parents/Coaches the best tools for building their player's swing. You don't just want new drills, Youtube has 1000's to choose from. You want a complete understanding of why he/she breaks down and the roadmap to reveal the perfect hitter that is there waiting to be unleashed. 

Put a stop to bat drag, disconnected, and long loopy swings. Let me help you and your player work to develop better habits using 5 core drills framed in a language that not only makes sense to you the coach but most importantly makes sense to your kiddo!

"If you can't explain something simply, you don't understand it well enough" Albert Einstein  

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Stop Trying to "FIX" Your Player's Swing. Start DEVELOPING Your Athlete!

I have worked with over 700 parents online in programs like "The 21 Day Challenge" and "Top Hand Arm Therapy". We are approaching our two year anniversary with the FPP and have over 700 members! Stop looking for drills to "fix it", start developing great habits today. Fundamental perfection builds elite performance!


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This is the welcome email I send to parents/players after purchase. This will allow you to see the inside of the course and some of our goals in the process together.


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30 Days of unlimited analysis and feedback on the program drills. (My guarantee: Our time together is not finished until you and your player have established all the goals of the program)

Your access continues after the 30 days and will be available for the LIFE of the program. 

Learn how to coach your player and save money on hitting instruction

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Isolation drills for muscle memory

Dynamic Balance drills for foundations of establishing ground force

We will work together to ensure your player can translate new feelings from tee to moving target.

36 Videos in the library...and growing

Troubleshooting Videos

Unlimited analysis and support for 30 days 

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"Ron knows hitting and has developed an excellent approach for all hitters, but I found it extremely valuable for young athletes. The drills are simple and effective, but most valuable to me was the many different ways Ron gave me to describe the feelings and cues that my eight year old daughter was to sense and remember. Her swing matured significantly and we are on a path to continued improvement thanks to Ron."

Brandon. V East Greenbush, Ny.

"My son, Johnny, started at the age of 7 with Ron Sullivan doing Top Hand Arm Therapy. In a matter of two weeks, there was a significant improvement in his swing. The information Ron gave us was easy to understand while providing in-depth video analysis to reach the next goal. There’s a lot of information out there today on social media and I’m not saying it’s all wrong. It can be quite confusing though. But if you follow Ron Sullivan on YouTube and sign up for lessons you will see he truly understands youth hitters better than anyone out there right now and keeps it simple for everyone to understand. You will not be disappointed. Some of the best content out there."

John F. Cleveland, Oh.

"I'm so glad I found Ron! My daughter is 11 and consistently struggled with dropping her hands. I watched so many "gurus" on Youtube to try and help her with her swing mechanics. When I came across Ron's videos I knew he could help us. His approach wasn't mechanical, but rather making sure my young softball player understood what an efficient swing looked like. With his help my daughter now understands what she's trying to do with the barrel. He's given us drills that are practical and very effective. He's very encouraging with his feedback and I feel like I have a plan of action for each BP session."

Barry W. Pella, Ia.

"I can’t say enough good things about Ron and his hitting instruction. He has an unmatched understanding of how youth athletes approach hitting a baseball and equally importantly how to help them maximize their potential at the plate. His instruction has helped my son improve tremendously and he is now one of the premier hitters of his age group in our region."

Paul South Carolina

"I couldn’t more highly recommend Ron. He doesn’t get caught up in all the noise of the online guru community talking about the latest sexy hitting fads. Instead, Ron never loses focus on what we are trying to achieve and that is getting results in game at bats."

Marshall L. Texas

"My son has worked with Ron for 6 years. He is one of the best instructors you can find anywhere. His experience and knowledge is amazing. He can put the information your son or daughter needs in a way that THEY can understand. We love the drills he provides and I feel he doesn't try to over complicate it. We live quite a ways from Ron but my son loves working with him. I'd recommend him to anyone, from the beginner to the seasoned veteran. Ron is the man!! "

Michael L. Mineola, Tx

" As a 14U competitive softball coach based out of Colorado, I was looking for a program that developed hitters and provided a clear hitting roadmap for all my players. This program absolutely nailed it. What separates this program from any other online program is explaining complex ideas that a novice hitting coach and a 14 year old young lady can process and execute. More importantly, this program created a hitting culture within our players and coaches by providing the following: a) Coaches now a swinging blue print of what each player will be doing and when. b) Consistency of hitting drills so everyone is understanding the same phase of the swing. c) Players can now self analyze their swing and leverages the coaches as mentors as opposed to someone who is telling them what they are doing something wrong What started off as leveraging an online team hitting program became a staple of our team's success. Our young ladies can self-correct. Our young ladies feel confident at the plate. Our young ladies feel empowered. Your helping us mold athletes and coaches. -Adrian H ( Head Coach of the Thunder Softball Team)"

Adrian H. Head Coach Thunder Softball

""I have been playing Baseball and/or Softball for 45years and coaching 21 years. Since the advent of the internet I have been searching for a strategy for teaching hitting that was effective, easy to understand but most of all one that I believed in and trusted. I have found that there are as many different ways to instruct hitting as there are hitting instructors. And no surprise, every one of them thinks that they have the secret. Ron is quick to admit that he has been down some of these dead end roads and uses his vast (been there-done that) experience to get young hitters on the RIGHT PATH right out of the gate. Don't waste time doing it the wrong way, do yourself a favor and start off doing it the Ron-Way.. And oh by the way, he happens to be one of the nicest guys you could hope to work with. .He is quick to pick up on swing adjustments needed and makes you feel like you are his most important client. Can't say enough good things about Ron and his program." "

Tony Rochester, NY

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